About Me

Matt RogersI’m a guy from the midwest who does software and technical strategy for a living, and I love tech, photography, home improvement projects, and grilling things. (Well, really the eating of the grilled things. Also the drinking of beverages while grilling things.)

I’m really into DIY for home projects, particularly if there’s any way they can involve technology. On this site I share personal experiences and learnings from the exploration of my interests, which may or may not fit into the aforementioned categories. I make no guarantees about where my mind will wander.

I live on the north side of Indianapolis with my wonderful wife Amanda (a veterinarian), two cats and a dog (who, after almost 3 years, still don’t get along). We live in a house we built a few years back (which was an adventure unto itself) that provides me with an endless amount of projects, some of which will be documented here. We’re also relatively new parents, so you can expect some of those projects to be kid-themed.

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