The blog is back

I haven’t blogged in ages. When I was in college, and for a year or so afterward, I had a pretty active site with things like BlackBerry theme downloads, 3000-word how-tos on modding your original Xbox into a kick-ass, bootleg-tastic, overheating home theater machine, and articles introducing people to newfangled concepts like backing up your files in the cloud. It was great — I had an outlet for my nerdiness, a little Google Adsense revenue on the side, and got to flex my writing and coding muscles doing something fun. I even got threatened by RIM’s lawyers for making a popular BlackBerry theme that skinned the interface to look like an iPhone. Good times.

Then two things happened: life, and Twitter.

In the span of 2 months in 2009:

  • I changed jobs;
  • We moved to a new apartment in a new city;
  • My wife graduated veterinary school and started her first job;
  • I started a business with a partner to build an iPhone game;
  • We started building a house.

Nothing particularly unusual for a young couple, but the associated logistics and stress added up to zapping my desire and time to maintain a blog.

The rising popularity of Twitter simultaneously pounded the nail into the coffin. Suddenly, I could just post links to interesting stuff that other people wrote, instead of having to write anything myself! Perfect!

Over the years, though, I started to feel like I wasn’t really contributing all that much when I was limited to 140 characters and posting other people’s work. Once we were in the house, I had all sorts of DIY projects going on that people would want to hear about after seeing photos on Facebook. I had gotten into photography as a fairly serious hobby, and was frequently asked for advice about techniques or gear. And, of course, the tech questions (what TV should I buy? Should I get a tablet? How do you extend your WiFi range at home?) that I’ve always fielded for family and friends have never ceased.

I want to write all this down. Share the knowledge — share the wealth. Which is probably quite¬†presumptuous, equating my opinions with wealth, but let’s just roll with that for now. You can tell me when the exchange rate slumps.

So, here we are. The blog is back. The old blog is archived. This is not going to be about software development or management — I’m not trying to maintain a professional presence here. It’s about all the stuff I like to think about when I’m not at work: home improvement DIY, photography, consumer technology, and probably the occasional recipe (I love cooking) or movie review (I love critiquing things that cost over $100 million to make from the comfort of my imitation Eames chair).

I make no promises about keeping my posts under a certain length. Summation and brevity I leave to the Twitterverse.

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